NEO.LIFE asks the big questions about how we’re engineering our own evolution.

Why should I get a continuous glucose monitor?
How far away are artificial wombs?
Do I own the data from my EEG?
What if the Olympics actually allowed doping and enhancements?
Can artificial intelligence make the ICU safer?
Is your DNA data safe in Blackstone's hands?
How will we make babies off-planet?
Can you spot loneliness on a brain scan?
What is a biophilic home?
Is DNA really a language?
What is asexuality?
How does becoming an expert change your brain?
What are longevity experts doing to live longer?
What can I do with a handheld DNA sequencer?
Does an orgasm before bed improve your sleep?
What is a feasible 6th sense we could engineer?
How can your circadian rhythms improve your medication?
What is my biological age?
What's the difference between natural and artificial?
Would you want to manipulate your own memories?
Does the 21st century need new rituals?
Do human pheromones exist?
Is there a link between sugar and hyperactivity?
Can a DNA test help me find the right antidepressant?
How can I tweak my microbiome to be a better athlete?
Are we ready for true human diversity?
How will space travelers get the medicine they need?
What are some bioscience silver linings that will come from the pandemic?
How can smell training change my brain?
Should scientists need permission to experiment on themselves?
Can a microbiome test tell me how I should eat?
Should I microdose lithium?
Why is focused ultrasound medicine’s best-kept secret?
Can plastic-eating bacteria solve the world’s pollution problem?
Should neuroprivacy be a human right?
Will meatless beef ever replace the real thing?
Can we tweak our skin microbiome to keep mosquitos from biting?
What will psychedelic pharma look like?
Do companies have a right to their employees' biodata?

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The founder is Jane Metcalfe, the former president and cofounder of Wired magazine, a legendary media company that chronicled the digital revolution from within, capturing its spirit while pioneering media, design, and the new web technology. NEO.LIFE covers the next stage of that revolution, as we use the tools of our digital age to understand and engineer our own biology.

I just wanted you to know, I loved the interoception story. As usual, you keep putting out great content!

Steven Kotlerexecutive director of the Flow Research Collective

I read all the NEO.LIFE book the other night. What an extraordinary collection of interviews, thoughts, and ideas. Truly exceptional.

Nicholas ThompsonCEO, The Atlantic

I’ve already been introducing people to NEO.LIFE after I saw the last edition. It’s great. Keep it up! :-)

Sean O'Sullivanfounder & managing general partner, SOSV

Week after week I find the articles on NEO.LIFE to be so engaging, to the point that I nearly question changing careers!

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The minds of the present and future will definitely benefit from more access to NEO.LIFE’s perspective.

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I stumbled across NEO.LIFE two weeks ago—best. discovery. ever.

Annia Mirzafounder, Legit

The technologies we can use to re-materialize the world are coming. NEO.LIFE gives voice and perspective to a future beyond our imagination.

Arvind Guptafounder, IndieBio & partner, Mayfield

The cutting edge of high-quality journalism at a critical time for the fields you are covering.

Shelby Coffey IIIformer editor of the Los Angeles Times and vice chairman of the Newseum

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Emily Byrdthe Good Food Institute