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What does my DNA tell me to eat?
What will the inside of my fridge look like in 20 years?
Should I sequence my baby’s genome?
Who will be the Google of genomics?
What tools will improve my memory and cognitive function?
How will we teach robots curiosity?
How can I sleep better?
What will it mean to be human in 2050?


In-depth reporting and beautifully written stories about the people, companies, and ideas shaping our neobiological future. Articles, analysis, opinion, and occasionally, fiction.

features original reporting and analysis by journalists who have worked for or contribute to The Atlantic, MIT Technology Review, Science, Nature, The New Yorker, The New York Times, etc.

The founder is Jane Metcalfe, the former president and cofounder of Wired magazine, the legendary media company that wrote the first draft of the history of the digital revolution, and captured its spirit as well.

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